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Early stage startups are not for the faint of heart. Most investors simply aren’t experienced or brave enough to truly partner with builders at the earliest stage. At Symphonic, we specialize in just that, and provide you the experience, tools and networks, to roll up our sleeves and build with you.  If you’re an early stage founder with long-term ambition to solve an important problem, we’re here to truly partner with you – not treat you like a line item on a spreadsheet. 

Every VC tells you that they’re different. Here’s how we actually are.

At Symphonic Capital, we understand that true success takes time, effort, and investment. We recognize that building lasting institutions requires patience, dedication, and care. That's why we focus on companies that are creating systems with the potential to make a positive impact on the communities we love.

Be real with us, because we’ll be real with you.

Being a builder is all about learning – not pretending you have all the answers. The best founders are honest about where they need to grow. We are VCs who don’t want you to put on a show. By being candid, even vulnerable, with each other, we can support you in the intense personal growth journey that is entrepreneurship.

Building a great product means building a great company.

Too many VCs don’t know or care about the nuts and bolts of early-stage building. And too many founders end up getting bogged down in problems that have already been solved, and that true experts could help with. That’s where we come in – we’re a team of founders and company builders ourselves.

A partnership with Symphonic means access to the most experienced early stage investors, Chief Operating Officers, Chief People Officers, and engineers in the game.

Driven by customer’s problems, not ego.

The world of startups is full of hype chasers and smooth-talking hucksters who care more about making a quick buck or winning the VC popularity contest. This is a distraction to real builders who want to solve real problems. If this is you, you’re our kind of people.

We’re bringing the same problem-solving approach to investing, to improve the statistics of Pre-Seed companies that graduate to Seed. That’s our commitment to you as our customer.

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What our founders
have to say

“Having worked with hundreds of investors over the course of my career, I can say without reservation that Sydney consistently rises above the rest.”
Sari Azout
Founder and CEO
"Sydney is a steady hand and calm voice through the storm. In the earliest stages of company building, it's easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and at times discouraged. Sydney brings a level of clarity needed to make it out to the other side. I couldn't be more grateful to have her on team Aidaly."
Maggie Norris
Founder and CEO
“The support and services offered by Symphonic are powerful. I have worked with Sydney for years, and she deeply understands what it takes to build a successful venture-backed startup.”
Kelly Ifill
Founder and CEO
“In terms of an actual record, there's probably no one who's seen as many deals as Sydney has. She has tons of experience doing the hardest part of investing – the earliest stages with initial traction, maybe just an idea. No one can compete on this, they just can't.”
Nicole Jarbo
Founder and CEO
“Sydney was my first call when I started fundraising. As an ex-VC myself, I have a network of every VC in Silicon Valley, but she was the one I wanted. I want a real relationship with my investors, and Sydney is someone who jumps into the trenches with entrepreneurs.”
Kara Egan
Founder and CEO

What founders have to say

The founder and GP has been working with early stage startups for years. We’re excited to feature a few of them here. Check out what these founders who have worked with the founder and GP, Sydney Thomas have to say about her leadership.

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