About Symphonic Capital

No one gets early stage startups like we do. Our team is made up of founders, who have supported 100s of Pre-Seed+ founders. We’ve built a fund that caters to what we’ve learned founders need the most at the earliest stages: clear metrics for success and the capital + support to help them achieve it.

What We Believe

Symphony (n.) – means coming together of different types of instrumentalists, craftspeople at the top of their game, to create beautiful harmonies and movements.

We believe in the power of individuals embracing the intense leadership journey that is entrepreneurship, and doing so with a team of people doing the same. There is no other way to build a truly great company.

At Symphonic, our job is to help each of our founders and their team focus on their true genius. Our firm is designed to uplevel ambitious builders and plug in support in the highest-impact areas

Our Story


Sydney Thomas, our founder and GP, has been a vanguard of Pre-Seed investing. After 7 years of investing and being in the trenches with founders, she launched Symphonic Capital in 2022.

Symphonic was envisioned and designed from bold principles. Sydney’s collection of insights on the inner workings of top companies – as well as the most painful struggles – inspired her to build a firm that serves as a true partner to founders.

In forming Symphonic, she pulled in experts who were already dedicated to solving nascent companies’ problems in their respective fields in People/Talent, Business Operations, etc. Building a startup requires constant, effective collaboration, and it’s no different for us.
Builders will always want to work with other builders, and we’re here to help you succeed.

Our Team

More powerful, together. We’re a small but mighty team of founders ourselves, dedicated to helping founders reach their highest ambitions and become the best leaders they can be.

Sydney Thomas
Founding General Partner
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Shruti Shah
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